Do You Have a Workout Plan?

Good Morning! I am a confessed gym-watcher.  When I warm up or am taking breaks between sets, I stare.  In my mind, I’m not noticeably staring, but I definitely scan the area to see what everyone is doing.  I also always wonder what workout program they are working off of, goals they are trying to […]

My Fave: Fitness Bloggers

Good Friday Morning!  This morning, I thought I’d share some quick links to my favorite professional fitness bloggers.  Why is this share-worthy?  Let me give you some reasons: Recipes!!!!! – the majority of my cooking derives from one of these bloggers’ recipes Workouts  & New Exercises They look great but have the same struggles I […]

Frustration is a constant…but it’s all good!

I may have posted this blog just so I could share the above picture…it’s just too funny and cute. Although I’m frustrated with my lack of consistency this year, I will keep on trudging on.  This is just how life is, so I’ll deal with it.  There will always be room for fitness and eating […]