RANT: Tracy Anderson & The McDonald’s Experiment

“…next on the TODAY Show, can spinning class make you heavier?  According to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, it can…” OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  Tracy Anderson.  That was all I needed to hear to send me over the edge.  She is something.  Furthermore, that is what I heard this morning coming from […]

When Do You Change Your Workout Program?

When Do You Change Your Workout Program? When you are bored.  When you don’t get excited in the slightest to go to the gym.  When you’ve been on your program for well over 12 weeks.  When your schedule changes the days available to workout does too. Those are the few of the reasons I change […]

Diet & Nutrition Myths

Diet & Nutrition Myths I wanted to share this link to an article written by Adam Bornstein for SHAPE magazine.  Bornstein is a highly regarded fitness expert and is big on making sure there is scientific data and proof to support his beliefs.  If I knew SHAPE would always have such great authors writing for […]