protein bread

Protein Bread! It’s Good!

The large majority of the human population loves bread.  White, floury, carbo-licious bread!  I’m not a huge bread lover, but I do enjoy a piece with nut butter here and there, or the traditional PB & J.  However, I was inspired to make the protein bread you see in the picture above, because my boyfriend […]

New Favorite Snacks

Look, I’m a snacker.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to weed out “bad” snacks and substitute in all-natural look-alikes.  All in all, I’d say I’m doing pretty good!   Therefore, I wanted to share with you some new faves of mine.  One is a little high on the sugar/carb list, but it’s better […]


Ready for Battle (Because it’s a battle for me)

Listen, I can eat like a man.  My food embarrassingly flies off my plate and into taste bud heaven faster than anyone else at the dinner table.  So eating is a battle for me, but not one that totally consumes me.  As long as I’m ready for the war, I’ll win it. As you may […]