Obsession vs. Habitual Focus

Good Morning, All! Life happens.  We say that a lot.  It basically is a quick way of saying, “Deal with [it], this is how it is and figure [it] out.” The basis of my blog is to discuss how to manage fitness and solid nutrition as “life happens”.  So as I sit here drinking my […]

Plateaus Part 2: Food

Greetings!  I’m back for “part 2” of my plateaus blog, as food warrants its very own dedicated time. Hitting a “food plateau” to me means that I’m frustrated with making poor eating decisions over and over again (during a certain duration, not just one day), as well as getting bored with “eating healthy.”  So let’s […]

This Is Why I Meal Prep

When I ran into the house yesterday, trying to change clothes, eat dinner and catch the train into NYC for class, I was never more excited to have this cheesy baked chicken breast and stew-potatoes with carrots/spinach (pictured above).  That is because I had about 20 minutes to change out from professional mindset to student […]

Reality Check In: Food, Fat Loss, Gym, Sleep & Sanity

When I started this blog, one major reason was for me to share a realistic view of balancing a healthy and fit lifestyle into a super crammed schedule.  It was for me to benchmark my victories and my struggles, as well as hold me accountable.  If I’m telling you all these great “real life” tips, […]

New Favorite Snacks

Look, I’m a snacker.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to weed out “bad” snacks and substitute in all-natural look-alikes.  All in all, I’d say I’m doing pretty good!   Therefore, I wanted to share with you some new faves of mine.  One is a little high on the sugar/carb list, but it’s better […]

Practice What I Preach(ed)

Practice What I Preach(ed) I had a bad week last week, which would reflect why I hadn’t posted much on my blog.  But I’m deciding to repost the link to a blog that I wrote early on: http://ariesincharge.com/2013/05/31/the-challenge-morphing-fitness-diet-facts-into-real-life/  This one in particular talks about doing what you can with your fitness goals within the life […]

Mango, Pineapple, Cake, Icing, Chocolate Chips

GAHHHHHHHHH, why are my favorite things laced with sugar?! Once a week, (usually Fridays because that’s when I do my nighttime, super-hip grocery shopping trip), I purchase a container of pre-cut mango and devour the entire thing.  Often this total destruction of an innocent fruit occurs in the front seat of my car, as I […]

Foodie Friday: Picnics & Such

Hello All! I hope you had a FANTASTIC 4th of July!  It was hot here in New York, but what’s a little sweat when you are among friends and well, fabulous picnic foods?  Although I chose to make healthy options (that I’m sure had the most leftovers at the picnic), I certainly ate a cupcake, […]


Ready for Battle (Because it’s a battle for me)

Listen, I can eat like a man.  My food embarrassingly flies off my plate and into taste bud heaven faster than anyone else at the dinner table.  So eating is a battle for me, but not one that totally consumes me.  As long as I’m ready for the war, I’ll win it. As you may […]