Intermittent Fasting: A Tool Not a Rule

Last Sunday I ate a glorious Easter meal with my boyfriend’s family.  They are Italian, so there isn’t just ham, potatoes and a veggie.  There is pasta and ravioli, meatballs, pork, salad and THEN the ham, potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, brussel sprouts with bacon…… Needless to say, I ate a lot of great food.  When I […]

The Aftermath: Splurging on Food, Alcohol & Skipping Workouts

Wow.  I just had an amazingly fun week with friends but it was laced with alcohol imbibing, over intake of calories and well whoopsy, no workouts. Although I had decisions during the past 5 days where I could have made better food choices, stuck to my fast or even threw in a quick workout — […]

Reality Check In: Food, Fat Loss, Gym, Sleep & Sanity

When I started this blog, one major reason was for me to share a realistic view of balancing a healthy and fit lifestyle into a super crammed schedule.  It was for me to benchmark my victories and my struggles, as well as hold me accountable.  If I’m telling you all these great “real life” tips, […]

Fit Challenge: Food On The Go

TGIF!  This Friday marks the beginning of a girls weekend, where we will be playing in a beach volleyball 4s tournament, followed by whatever debauchery we choose.  I then will continue on the road to work out of state on Monday and Tuesday.  When you do the math, that is 4 days of traveling, no […]

Intermittent Fasting: My Rookie Year

When I first met Matt last summer (he’s my “other half”), I was doing a Crossfit type of workout plan and trying to not eat after 9:00 pm. Nothing majorly wrong with that plan, but this is when he stepped in and started sending me information and fitness articles that matched my goals. In one […]