Married to Your Workout Program?

Hello!  I greet you with a question — are you married to your workout program?  Do you map out your week of workouts and get a little anxiety if something is going to interfere with them?  Do you feel like you’ll never make gains if you don’t stay consistent? I mean, consistency is the key […]

Careful What I Wish For

A HOTEL GYM WITH A FULL COMPLIMENT OF FREE WEIGHTS. WHAT?! Amazing, right?  I was salivating when the lassie at the front desk showed me around and I saw the “hotel gym”.  The fact that the gym/wellness area warranted a tour should have given me a clue.  Weird that I haven’t moved a weight for […]


Don’t call it a comeback, just yet…but…

I got my first post-injury workout in tonight…but I need probably another 3-4 workouts for me to feel like I actually have my pace back while on the road for a few more days.  Here’s what my light, yet feelin-good session entailed: Goblet Squats w 35lb DB x10-12 Bent over rows w 25 lb DB x 10-12 […]