Dormant Bum Anxiety

I did stationary lunges in my office on Friday.  The door was not closed, it was impulsive.  Before I knew it, I was standing, lunging forward in my beige patent leather wedges and turquoise capri pants…then I squeezed my glute as my back knee touched the ground.  Oh yes, feel the hip flexor burn, Melissa. […]

Is Your Warm Up Sufficient?

Two weeks ago, I asked Matt to check my squat form at the gym.  I had 165 pounds on my back, which is not as heavy as I typically go in a session.  I squatted about half way down, winced in pain and re-racked the bar.  Matt assumed it was my lower back but it […]

Inspired By The Glutes

My journey through weight lifting in the recent months has enlightened me in regards to my own glutes and how they aren’t that strong after all.  Let me explain…I happen to have a fairly nice sized bum, in which I assumed was strong because it was, well, large.  It was explained to me that my […]