How Fitness Fits into *Real* Life

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I may have missed the ball drop and am up doing some work that has lingered into the new year, however — I swear I’m still tons of fun at the ripe age of 34!  Anyhow, I was just browsing through my email and came across one that really hit home to […]

Foreign Fitness?

Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany!!!!!!!  So I’ve been absent for the past week, but as you can see, I kinda jet set across the sea and had to get my bearings.  I also wasn’t really working out due to chiropractic orders.  Great news, however: I’M CLEAR TO WORK OUT AGAIN.  Bad News: I’M IN EUROPE IN A […]

Fitness Phobia Part 2: I Missed a Workout!

What?!  You didn’t make it to the gym today?!  Well, you probably shouldn’t eat carbs for the next two days and when you do go to the gym next, tag on 30 extra minutes to the treadmill and do 50 extra burpees.   Okay, just so you know, I am NOT SERIOUS about the opening […]


Fit Phobia Part I: The Scale

So you weigh yourself everyday, right?  I know you do.  Did you gain or lose a pound since yesterday?  Before you start pondering why you gained or lost a pound over 24 hours, how about let’s just stop the daily weigh in.  For real.  Stop it.  Unfortunately, for all of us who are overly impatient (that’s […]

Intermittent Fasting: My Rookie Year

When I first met Matt last summer (he’s my “other half”), I was doing a Crossfit type of workout plan and trying to not eat after 9:00 pm. Nothing majorly wrong with that plan, but this is when he stepped in and started sending me information and fitness articles that matched my goals. In one […]