New Favorite Snacks

Look, I’m a snacker.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to weed out “bad” snacks and substitute in all-natural look-alikes.  All in all, I’d say I’m doing pretty good!   Therefore, I wanted to share with you some new faves of mine.  One is a little high on the sugar/carb list, but it’s better […]

When Do You Change Your Workout Program?

When Do You Change Your Workout Program? When you are bored.  When you don’t get excited in the slightest to go to the gym.  When you’ve been on your program for well over 12 weeks.  When your schedule changes the days available to workout does too. Those are the few of the reasons I change […]

Finisher Friday: My Cardio Quench

In general, I’m a conditioning junkie.  I need to feel exhausted, sweaty and like I just accomplished something that the “average jane” can’t in the gym.   BUT…… I’m on weight lifting program AND I only have a solid 4 days per week to workout, due to my currently tight schedule.  3 days of lifting […]

Fitness & Nutrition 101 from Expert Trainer, Matt

If you’re looking to lose some fat, tone/ firm up certain body parts, or just look hot, then you should be doing some kind of weight training.  In its simplest form, picking heavy things up and putting them down, repeatedly.  Your diet is also very important.  Oh and when I say your “diet”, I don’t […]


Fit Phobia Prelude: Weightlifting & Lack of Sweat

I’ve always been involved in sports, and was one of those super active kids (thank goodness for my parents, who required this).  When I graduated high school, I picked up mountain biking which can be oh so rewarding but oh so brutal.  Talk about a total body and mental challenge.  And I should mention that […]

Intermittent Fasting: My Rookie Year

When I first met Matt last summer (he’s my “other half”), I was doing a Crossfit type of workout plan and trying to not eat after 9:00 pm. Nothing majorly wrong with that plan, but this is when he stepped in and started sending me information and fitness articles that matched my goals. In one […]