What’s In Your Gym Bag?

I’m going to do my version of US Weekly’s celebrity “what’s in their bag” feature they do each week…however, I’m not a celebrity and this is my gym bag, not my purse.  Anyhow, here is what is in my gym bag: Here’s a brief overview of what I have going on in my bag today, […]

Frustration is a constant…but it’s all good!

I may have posted this blog just so I could share the above picture…it’s just too funny and cute. Although I’m frustrated with my lack of consistency this year, I will keep on trudging on.  This is just how life is, so I’ll deal with it.  There will always be room for fitness and eating […]

Is Your Warm Up Sufficient?

Two weeks ago, I asked Matt to check my squat form at the gym.  I had 165 pounds on my back, which is not as heavy as I typically go in a session.  I squatted about half way down, winced in pain and re-racked the bar.  Matt assumed it was my lower back but it […]

Inspired By The Glutes

My journey through weight lifting in the recent months has enlightened me in regards to my own glutes and how they aren’t that strong after all.  Let me explain…I happen to have a fairly nice sized bum, in which I assumed was strong because it was, well, large.  It was explained to me that my […]

Finisher Friday: My Cardio Quench

In general, I’m a conditioning junkie.  I need to feel exhausted, sweaty and like I just accomplished something that the “average jane” can’t in the gym.   BUT…… I’m on weight lifting program AND I only have a solid 4 days per week to workout, due to my currently tight schedule.  3 days of lifting […]

Practice What I Preach(ed)

Practice What I Preach(ed) I had a bad week last week, which would reflect why I hadn’t posted much on my blog.  But I’m deciding to repost the link to a blog that I wrote early on: http://ariesincharge.com/2013/05/31/the-challenge-morphing-fitness-diet-facts-into-real-life/  This one in particular talks about doing what you can with your fitness goals within the life […]


Fit Phobia Prelude: Weightlifting & Lack of Sweat

I’ve always been involved in sports, and was one of those super active kids (thank goodness for my parents, who required this).  When I graduated high school, I picked up mountain biking which can be oh so rewarding but oh so brutal.  Talk about a total body and mental challenge.  And I should mention that […]