5 Reasons I’m Sticking With Strength Training

Good Morning & Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I wanted to get a quick blog out to you all this morning, as it’s been a while and I really wanted to share my love of strength training.  Much of the time I focus on diet and food/recipes, but working out is just as […]

Progress, Pace, Patience & Body Image

Today may be my most revealing blog yet — I’ve taken on the personal challenge to change my body composition but to have patience in doing so — AND taking progress pictures each month.  (YIKES!)  I just started this new journey in January, post-graduation, so I don’t have a lot of progress to show yet, […]

Walking Isn’t Just For Your Mama

Good Morning!  Today is going to be a great day of football, fitness and taco chili (I had to add that in).  I’m always in a good mood after a morning walk.  Primarily because it’s just great to get out there before the world gets hectic and busy, it’s a great sense of peace and […]

Mango, Pineapple, Cake, Icing, Chocolate Chips

GAHHHHHHHHH, why are my favorite things laced with sugar?! Once a week, (usually Fridays because that’s when I do my nighttime, super-hip grocery shopping trip), I purchase a container of pre-cut mango and devour the entire thing.  Often this total destruction of an innocent fruit occurs in the front seat of my car, as I […]


Fit Phobia Prelude: Weightlifting & Lack of Sweat

I’ve always been involved in sports, and was one of those super active kids (thank goodness for my parents, who required this).  When I graduated high school, I picked up mountain biking which can be oh so rewarding but oh so brutal.  Talk about a total body and mental challenge.  And I should mention that […]