RANT: Tracy Anderson & The McDonald’s Experiment

“…next on the TODAY Show, can spinning class make you heavier?  According to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, it can…” OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  Tracy Anderson.  That was all I needed to hear to send me over the edge.  She is something.  Furthermore, that is what I heard this morning coming from […]

Essentials to a Healthy Kitchen

Happy Weekend! Many of the people I interact within the fitness community are talking about their diets more so than exercise right now.  Likely, this is due to the overindulging occurring over the holidays and the desire to feel “on track” again.  This had me thinking about my own eating behavior and what habits I’ve […]

Perspectives on Food Indulgence

Good Sunday Morning/Afternoon! It’s only timely to talk about food indulgence with the holidays surrounding us from all sides…Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve…….what is one to do?   Here are some of the things we like to say this time of year: “The holiday treats at the office […]

This Is Why I Meal Prep

When I ran into the house yesterday, trying to change clothes, eat dinner and catch the train into NYC for class, I was never more excited to have this cheesy baked chicken breast and stew-potatoes with carrots/spinach (pictured above).  That is because I had about 20 minutes to change out from professional mindset to student […]

Frustration is a constant…but it’s all good!

I may have posted this blog just so I could share the above picture…it’s just too funny and cute. Although I’m frustrated with my lack of consistency this year, I will keep on trudging on.  This is just how life is, so I’ll deal with it.  There will always be room for fitness and eating […]

Fit Challenge: Food On The Go

TGIF!  This Friday marks the beginning of a girls weekend, where we will be playing in a beach volleyball 4s tournament, followed by whatever debauchery we choose.  I then will continue on the road to work out of state on Monday and Tuesday.  When you do the math, that is 4 days of traveling, no […]

Practice What I Preach(ed)

Practice What I Preach(ed) I had a bad week last week, which would reflect why I hadn’t posted much on my blog.  But I’m deciding to repost the link to a blog that I wrote early on: http://ariesincharge.com/2013/05/31/the-challenge-morphing-fitness-diet-facts-into-real-life/  This one in particular talks about doing what you can with your fitness goals within the life […]