Do You Have a Workout Plan?

Good Morning! I am a confessed gym-watcher.  When I warm up or am taking breaks between sets, I stare.  In my mind, I’m not noticeably staring, but I definitely scan the area to see what everyone is doing.  I also always wonder what workout program they are working off of, goals they are trying to […]

What’s In Your Gym Bag?

I’m going to do my version of US Weekly’s celebrity “what’s in their bag” feature they do each week…however, I’m not a celebrity and this is my gym bag, not my purse.  Anyhow, here is what is in my gym bag: Here’s a brief overview of what I have going on in my bag today, […]


Fit Phobia Prelude: Weightlifting & Lack of Sweat

I’ve always been involved in sports, and was one of those super active kids (thank goodness for my parents, who required this).  When I graduated high school, I picked up mountain biking which can be oh so rewarding but oh so brutal.  Talk about a total body and mental challenge.  And I should mention that […]

Foodie Friday: Picnics & Such

Hello All! I hope you had a FANTASTIC 4th of July!  It was hot here in New York, but what’s a little sweat when you are among friends and well, fabulous picnic foods?  Although I chose to make healthy options (that I’m sure had the most leftovers at the picnic), I certainly ate a cupcake, […]