The Bikini Rebellion Movement

Good Evening! I write to you all today, live from the Amtrak regional train, en route back to New York from the lovely and beautiful beaches of Newport, RI.  Today I played my first beach volleyball doubles tournament in 3 summers. I mention my activities to you, because when one plays in a tournament ON […]

Practice What I Preach(ed)

Practice What I Preach(ed) I had a bad week last week, which would reflect why I hadn’t posted much on my blog.  But I’m deciding to repost the link to a blog that I wrote early on: http://ariesincharge.com/2013/05/31/the-challenge-morphing-fitness-diet-facts-into-real-life/  This one in particular talks about doing what you can with your fitness goals within the life […]

Mango, Pineapple, Cake, Icing, Chocolate Chips

GAHHHHHHHHH, why are my favorite things laced with sugar?! Once a week, (usually Fridays because that’s when I do my nighttime, super-hip grocery shopping trip), I purchase a container of pre-cut mango and devour the entire thing.  Often this total destruction of an innocent fruit occurs in the front seat of my car, as I […]