The Bikini Rebellion Movement

Good Evening! I write to you all today, live from the Amtrak regional train, en route back to New York from the lovely and beautiful beaches of Newport, RI.  Today I played my first beach volleyball doubles tournament in 3 summers. I mention my activities to you, because when one plays in a tournament ON […]

Progress, Pace, Patience & Body Image

Today may be my most revealing blog yet — I’ve taken on the personal challenge to change my body composition but to have patience in doing so — AND taking progress pictures each month.  (YIKES!)  I just started this new journey in January, post-graduation, so I don’t have a lot of progress to show yet, […]


“Hey………………..(I hear as I walk away from the treadmill)……….HEY!…..(still not turning around)……QUADZILLA!”  I turned around.  Actually, I whipped around and looked at this guy yelling “Hey Quadzilla!” at me from his manly post on the elliptical machine.  Pretty sure my face was like this when that happened: The ensuing conversation went a little something like […]