What’s In Your Gym Bag?

I’m going to do my version of US Weekly’s celebrity “what’s in their bag” feature they do each week…however, I’m not a celebrity and this is my gym bag, not my purse.  Anyhow, here is what is in my gym bag: Here’s a brief overview of what I have going on in my bag today, […]

My Workout Mantra: Me Time

I once ran across a blog that listed 99 reasons to workout or something of that sort.  Listed in those 99 items was something that has stuck with me ever since, which was this: Your workout is your time with yourself, away from the world.  Don’t worry about other people or other things.   I […]

Is Your Warm Up Sufficient?

Two weeks ago, I asked Matt to check my squat form at the gym.  I had 165 pounds on my back, which is not as heavy as I typically go in a session.  I squatted about half way down, winced in pain and re-racked the bar.  Matt assumed it was my lower back but it […]

Reality Check In: Food, Fat Loss, Gym, Sleep & Sanity

When I started this blog, one major reason was for me to share a realistic view of balancing a healthy and fit lifestyle into a super crammed schedule.  It was for me to benchmark my victories and my struggles, as well as hold me accountable.  If I’m telling you all these great “real life” tips, […]

When Do You Change Your Workout Program?

When Do You Change Your Workout Program? When you are bored.  When you don’t get excited in the slightest to go to the gym.  When you’ve been on your program for well over 12 weeks.  When your schedule changes the days available to workout does too. Those are the few of the reasons I change […]

Inspired By The Glutes

My journey through weight lifting in the recent months has enlightened me in regards to my own glutes and how they aren’t that strong after all.  Let me explain…I happen to have a fairly nice sized bum, in which I assumed was strong because it was, well, large.  It was explained to me that my […]

Finisher Friday: My Cardio Quench

In general, I’m a conditioning junkie.  I need to feel exhausted, sweaty and like I just accomplished something that the “average jane” can’t in the gym.   BUT…… I’m on weight lifting program AND I only have a solid 4 days per week to workout, due to my currently tight schedule.  3 days of lifting […]

Fitness & Nutrition 101 from Expert Trainer, Matt

If you’re looking to lose some fat, tone/ firm up certain body parts, or just look hot, then you should be doing some kind of weight training.  In its simplest form, picking heavy things up and putting them down, repeatedly.  Your diet is also very important.  Oh and when I say your “diet”, I don’t […]