John Cena is right, let’s not deprive ourselves

If you consider “eating healthy” or “being on a diet” as restricting yourself from certain foods, John Cena and I would like to change that.

Well, I haven’t consulted John Cena or ever met him, but he definitely has a program out there right now that messages EXACTLY what I try to message. Recently, he was on the Today Show and his segment caught my ear, as he started off with mentioning how he wants to simplify a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Yes John, let’s SIMPLIFY!!!!

It is a common misconception when I talk to a client that I am going to restrict certain foods, give them a meal plan, and determine a calorie intake number for each day. And I absolutely could — and that would probably yield some solid, short term results. The problem with that is that it’s not sustainable or simple.

Trust me, I am a former calorie counter and restrictor of foods.  Sure, I had great results, but also was known to “go get ice cream with my friends” — and then watch them eat it. That’s weird and unnecessary, right?  Life is far too short to skip the ice cream!  I may have been lean, but not much more lean than I am now — and I’m wayyyyyyyyyy happier today.

So what is this simplified way of living a healthy lifestyle? Well, this is what I message and found out that John Cena does too:

1. Make good decisions with your foods
(Prioritize eating proteins and copious amounts of vegetables at every meal)
2. Don’t deprive yourself of certain indulgences here and there
(Example, I eat dark chocolate squares everyday and stove-popped popcorn at least 2x per week)
3. Move your body as much as possible everyday                                                                          (Even if it’s just walking more, taking the stairs, parking far away when running errands — those things DO add up)

What I am NOT saying, is that it’s okay to eat large portions of non-nutritious foods whenever you feel like it.  I AM saying to not deprive or stress every single time you have a craving or social event with a lot of not-so-healthy food choices.  Just go ahead and get a little of whatever it may be and move on, satisfied and stress-free.

To drive this point home, I recently had someone RESTRICT, STRESS & DEPRIVE themselves on a very important day in their life… the last thing I want is for you to not drink or eat wedding cake at your sister’s wedding because those things are not healthy or in your “meal plan.”  It’s your SISTER.  Her WEDDING.  Enjoy that day to it’s fullest — food, drink and all!

You follow me?  Although making lifestyle change is challenging, this can be more simple than you think, especially if you are new to prioritizing health and fitness into your life.  I’m here to help, as always, so please feel free to contact me on my website or comment below.

Until next time — be well!




Today Show, John Cena Change Time segment, January 7th, 2015




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