The Two Best Ways to Look at New Years Day


How have you all been?!

You may notice that this came from “nutritionsupport” and not “ariesincharge”.  Just a name change, it’s still the same ol’ me!

So I haven’t blogged since September and as some of you may know, my Quarter 4 of 2015 was not my best quarter.  Thus my silence.  It’s been a lot of transitioning but I’m all good!

That brings me to today.  Let’s talk about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  There are a lot of opinions on this — many on the far end of one camp or the other:

“I do not set resolutions.  It’s stupid.  No one keeps them.”

“It’s just another day.  Why do people make such a big deal about it?”


“I make a resolution every year!  It is tradition!  Actually, I might make three this year!”

I’ll be honest, I’m usually the first one, saying “My resolution?  Pfffft.  No.  I don’t do that.  Just another day, ya’ll.”  However, all of the sudden this year, I can’t wait for it to be 2016.  I say “This is my year.  The year of Melissa.  2016.  Yep.  My year, let’s do this!”

Gahh, I hate processing mixed emotions, which is how I felt with my irking hypocrisy.  It goes a little something like this when I do….’Oooh, I really want to reflect on 2015, but then I don’t actually want to think about some of it.  But some of it was great, right?!  I’ll just pretend that the great was the only part, is that cool?  Ok, nope, that is not possible or cool.  Why did I ask if it was cool?  Focus.  Okay.  Soooooo, I don’t really want to sit around and get depressed about the not-so-great…I’ll just pretend like the year didn’t actually occur…….’

And then I start to think about how I usually don’t make a big deal about the end of a year.  However, I haven’t had the last 3 to 4 months of a year end on such a difficult note in quite a while.  Why can’t I just feel happy to be looking forward to a new year and why do I feel so guilty that I want to jump onto the New Year’s band wagon?

FINALLY, I came to a compromise to clear the internal conflict my emotions were having.  From here on out, I will always use one of these two approaches, guilt-free.

The Best Two Ways To Look At New Year’s

  1. Truly, it is just another day.  

Last year, I was nervous because I have a slight OCD issue with the number 15, so I was dreading the entire year of 2015 (which was totally obnoxious and unnecessary).  I also lost my Grandmother right before New Year’s (December 28th).  So last year, January 1st was just another day.  Not good, not bad, but just another day.

2.  It is a fresh and exciting day to look forward to the future.

This year, I can’t wait for January 1st.  I’m using it as an inspiration to get excited about what the future may hold for me over the next 365 days.  It is also a day to say goodbye to a lot of 2015.


As messy and mixed the emotions of New Year’s Day can be, do whatever works for you.  Why would I not let the healing and motivating emotions of a specific day happen if it’s going to make me feel happy?  That is utterly ridiculous — just because I don’t USUALLY roll with it?

It is important for me to recognize that this wasn’t the last year that I will have tough times in what I hope will be a long life.  But I also want to hope that 2016 will be a bright one with more positive than negative days.  And I hope and wish the same for all of you!!!!



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