The Bikini Rebellion Movement

Good Evening!

I write to you all today, live from the Amtrak regional train, en route back to New York from the lovely and beautiful beaches of Newport, RI.  Today I played my first beach volleyball doubles tournament in 3 summers.

I mention my activities to you, because when one plays in a tournament ON THE BEACH, one typically wears a sport BIKINI.  Oh lawdy, the thought of running and diving in a bikini is really quite mortifying.  Unless you are 12% body fat, something is jiggling during these spectacular acts of athleticism.  It just is.

Oh to be in a bikini all day in front of strangers...
Oh to be playing  in a bikini all day in front of strangers…

But on the heels of completing my first week of Neghar Fonooni’s Bikini Rebellion (search for #bikinirebellion on Instagram for examples), I coped with my insecurity a bit better today.

Instead of having total body envy of some of the women and body shaming thoughts of some others, I just didn’t focus on it as much.  Now, did I see some shredded females, tall females with legs I’d kill for?  Oh sure.  But it didn’t eat at me, like usual.  Often I’d have thoughts of “If I just were more disciplined, I’d look like her….if I stopped eating so many sweets, I’d look like her….”

Today I accepted myself for where I am now in life and know that I can make changes moving forward if I want. But today was about volleyball on the beach with my friend.  It wasn’t a day to loathe in selfishness about my body image obsession (which is improving every day now).

I also am happy with myself for not body shaming.  Yes, folks, I have had thoughts inside my head that were judgmental at times.  I’m not perfect but I’m working on being a better person.  Like who am I to judge?  I’m not perfect and can be judged too — and would be so devastated if I knew someone was judging every ounce of fatty area on my body.  So instead, today I felt proud of all of us ladies for getting out on the beach, brave enough to bare our skin AND do athletic movements where we are vulnerable to all spectators around us.

As I get older, I know that life is too short to constantly worry about how large my thighs are or how I shouldn’t have eaten something that I did.  I do enjoy working on daily practices of healthy habits, but am okay with not living by restriction and rules.

This day is too gorgeous to worry about thigh size and fat percentages!
This day is too gorgeous to worry about thigh size and fat percentages!

With all of this being said, the mantra of this week with the #bikinirebellion challenge on Instagram is to really love your body always, no matter what phase of life you are in.  Know that you can make changes but don’t worry about what others think.  Be present and stop waiting to lose weight/fat to be happy with yourself.

Alright, here is my pitch to you all.  It’s not too late to join the rebellion!  Click here for details and to sign up:

It has legitimately helped me…and ask my boyfriend if he’s tired of hearing me body shame myself………………he’s grateful for the Neghar challenge!

I truly hope you will join or at least search for the hashtag to get inspired by others.

Be well and confident,


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