FitThings To Love: KETTLEBELLS

Good Morning!

How have you all been?  I have been as I say “all over the map” — literally and figuratively.  Ever since I came back from Greece in September,my new job took off into a whirlwind schedule, my hamstring was injured and I generally have been swirling around with no stable plan for fitness or nutrition.

BUT.  It is all good!  That’s my mantra, to never obsess on fitness and nutrition.  Make it a habit and maintain it as much as possible.  But do not obsess.  With that being said, I wanted to get a blog out this weekend and decided I’m going to do a series of “fit things” I love or don’t love (but thought I would).

This brings me to kettlebells.  Kettlebells I love.  They saved my fit life over the past few months.  They are a workout tool that I really enjoy, therefore it didn’t take much motivation to grab them and do a quick complex or a full strength workout.  So when I didn’t squeeze in the gym, I could at least grab my trusty 35 pound set of KBs and get in something.

Matt and I often debate as to how a dumbbell and a kettlebell differ.  Although you can do a lot of the same exercises with both, the kettlebell trumps on versatility.  Here are a few things that a KB does better and just flows more naturally than a DB:

  • Complexes.  Linking movements together with a KB is so easily and lends itself well to a solid conditioning complex.  Here is an example of a double KB complex that I like to do: 
  • Turkish Get Ups (TGUs).  So TGUs can be done with anything really, but the easiest way to stabilize the weight and work on your form is with a KB, in my opinion.  Here is an example of a TGU:  
  • Swings.  Sure, you can swing a dumbbell but it just isn’t the same.  The KB handle makes it more secure to hinge and thrust and work those glutes.  Below we demonstrate how a swing is really great fun to try in synchronization. KB partner is the one and only, Heather Risso.: 

Look, I may be biased.  But I truly love working with KBs and can easily do a workout at home with them.  I’m 100% serious when I say they have saved my fitness life.  I got into many funks where I didn’t think I had time to go to the gym and then my KBs are staring at me from the corner of the living room….and then, all of the sudden, I am motivated to at least do something.

I am now embarking on a time that I know I need a more solid workout plan and that means back to the barbell, dumbbells AND kettlebells at the GYM for me.

Nonetheless, I recommend that you always have that one fit tool that you love — and go to it when you feel in a slump with other workouts.  It’ll get you going again, trust me!

That’s it for my “FitThings To Love” for today.  Please let me know the fit things that you love!  I want to hear and maybe even try!

Have an awesome weekend,


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