A Fitness Hiatus Is Okay (and needed sometimes)

Good Sunday Morning!!!!!!!!!

How have you all been??

It’s been almost a month since I posted, which is very rare.  I’m not even sure I’ve ever been absent this long from my beloved blog.  However, I’m back and I wanted to share some comfort that I found in a powerful article about annual fitness cycles.  Within our lives we all have fitness cycles, but we often refer to it as the “I haven’t worked out in forever, I’m such a sloth” cycle…the “I work out 6 days a week every week, no matter what” cycle…or the “I have too much going on this week to workout, I’m a bad fitness person for missing 2 of my 6 workouts” cycle.

Now.  I would like us to not use the aforementioned cycles unless we are going to feel good and positive about them(as well as state them in a feel-good manner).  It is 1000% okay to take time off, to let your body rest.  Sometimes we rest 1 or 2 days per week, sometimes we may rest for 1 month, sometimes we may take 3 months (gasp) to really just stop our intense training and incorporate movement on a lesser level.

Before I share with you the article that explains these rest cycles, I will let you know why I am inspired to share this particular blog right now.  Perhaps you can relate.

Part I:  I left for Greece on Labor Day and spent an amazing week gallivanting Athens and Rhodes.  We did a lot of walking and even worked out a few times.  However, I had a tinge of discomfort in my hamstring before I left and it’s done nothing but get worse over the past 3 weeks.  Even though I had the hamstring discomfort, I was powering through some high reps of heavy sets deadlifting in the gym.  Does that make sense, considering the hamstring is uber engaged when you deadlift?  Nope. (cue the I’m a stubborn dummy music)  BUT I was almost done with my 16 week deadlift program, so I wanted to keep going…I only had 3 weeks left to go!  Not smart on my part.  Anyhoo…

Part II:  When I returned from Greece, at work I had an insane week of meetings in which I drove to, getting up early, getting home at 8 or 9…so now my body is not only confused because of the time zones, I’m putting in 12 hour days and working out just wasn’t going to happen.  The next week held to be similar with my arrival times home from work, the mornings too early to really cram in a workout or walk……and low and behold, I had found myself in a “I’m a bad fitness person” cycle mindset just like that.

UNTIL…one of my favorite groups on Facebook, Girls Gone Strong, posted the below article…and then I all of the sudden PLANNED to rest one more week and felt good about it:


PLEASE READ THIS, especially if you are a person who gets anxiety when you miss workouts.  It is OKAY.  You will be a better, stronger person if you plan on some rest periods.  And the cool thing is, you plan them around your own annual busy times.  The examples in the article include your kids’ sports season or tax time if you are a CPA.  Why stress out during this time in regards to workouts?  Plan your rest and know it’s great for your body.

Last but not least, in case you don’t click the article…do know that just sitting on the couch is not the best thing to do during planned rest cycles.  You still want to move your body on a consistent basis.  I’ve been walking, exploring some basic yoga, foam rolling at night and doing some turkish get ups with my kettlebells while I watch TV.

Enjoy the GGS article by Jen Comas Keck and have a great day!



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