The Motivation of a Single Focus: Deadlift

Good Morning!

So I had several blog topics floating around in my head, but I thought I’d share a very short video of my Week 11 of 16 deadlift program.  Naturally, I have to have a reason for just showing you a video that I already posted on social media outlets that you may have seen yesterday.  

For me, I wanted videos to check form and see where I was at with pulling a weight closer to my 1 rep max of 225 pounds.  (Matt actually did correct my form from this video, which may be vital in getting past the 225# mark).  Anyhow, the goal of this program is to work on your deadlift 1x per week and retest for an improved 1 rep max at the end of this.  Matt is doing the same program and introduced me to it.  At first I thought, “Ugh, 16 weeks, that’s like in forever from now.  4 months!  I want to pull over 225 before then.”  Again, patience isn’t my strength.  

But alas, I gave in and decided to do it.  Looking back now…this program is the single reason I haven’t missed a week at the gym since I’ve started.  I’ve had 2 weeks out of the past 11 where the deadlift workout was the only one I did during those 2 weeks.  Not that this is a great thing to only go once, but once is better than none at all.  Wanting to stick with this has made me go to the gym on a day I may have made up a good excuse in my head to not go.

Okay, okay, let me get to my brief points —

  1. Less Pressure – sometimes just picking one thing to focus on can be less stressful and keeps you consistent.  Consistency is very necessary in achieving fitness goals, as they don’t happen overnight.  When I don’t have anxiety about my workouts, I’m more likely to stick with it.  
  2. Motivation to workout – in the past, I also found great success with a “single-focus goal” in regards to pull ups.  It’s not like I would go to the gym and only do pull ups, and I also didn’t only deadlift yesterday.  But you get motivated by the one thing you see progress on and don’t want to lose any……so you go.  And you go.  And you go.  Happily you go, I might add.
  3. Overall goals – much to my above point, you are likely working on a movement that taxes your overall body (if that fits your goals), and get in a full workout.  Deadlifting is one of the main lifts that works so many muscles and is loved by almost all who learn it.  Winning!  
  4. Strength – how can I not mention this — when I first started deadlifting, I couldn’t even warm up with 135#s.  Now I’m pulling 225 on my best day.  Pretty cool, I think.

So,without further adieu, here is my video below — I was doing 4 sets of 1 rep at 90% of my max.  That would make it 202 pounds.  Due to plate weight, I had to go to 205.  I also took two angles, as your hips and back are a major piece to checking form.  Matt’s correction was to not have my hips quite so high right before I pulled the weight; if I drop them a bit more, I will engage more glute and essentially pull more weight:

Have a great holiday weekend!


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