Change + New Habits = Happiness

My life changed last week.  

Seems pretty deep right?  Really, it changed for the better and because I started a new job.  For the first time in 12 years, I am working for a completely different type of company.  It’s a start up, as well — this allows my opinions and feedback to be shared and maybe even implemented!  Which a true Aries loves, ya know.

Anyhow, back to you.  I wanted to share with you how change and forming new habits can truly spark a huge mood swing for the positive.  With my work commute changing drastically (from driving for hours to taking a train and subway), I wasn’t sure how fitness, meal planning and everything in between would work.  But like a magical swirl of delight, a few subtle changes in my life came together and I’m riding the tide of happiness.  Let’s take a look at what has happened, hoping you can apply something from it, as well:

1.  Change your job.  Okay, so this is MAJOR and not to be taken lightly with today’s unemployment challenges.  However, I had been looking to shift my career focus for a while now and I didn’t realize how this was effecting my everyday mood.  **Please note that I am the personality type that enjoys change and I really need it to stay motivated/interested.  If that is NOT you, please do proceed on this one with caution.

2.  Change your workout program.  It just so happened that I purchased Neghar Fonooni’s Lean and Lovely kettlebell program 2 weeks ago. [Get it here.]  I LOVE it.  That, paired with a new commute — I know I can get in a solid workout at home with that program if I’m not into going to the gym.  And I really look forward to it too!  Really!

3.  Try a new activity/hobby.  The biggest rock climbing gym in the Northeast happens to be in the same building as my office.  No big deal…….Ummmmmm, hello, this is awesome!  I already gave it a go and will be buying a membership.  It’s really fun to do new things (Translate: it causes happiness).

4.  Invest in key home exercise equipment.  For those of you who have exercise anxiety when you can’t get to the gym to execute your exact program, then falling into a bad mood because of this —- have some key pieces at home that are versatile and can promise to challenge you in a pinch, if used in the proper manner.  Here is what I have because it works for me (you decide what works for you):

  • (2) 35# kettlebells
  • (1) 25# kettlebell
  • IronGym pull-up bar
  • ab wheel
  • my yard (a seasonal item)

5.  Experiment with new recipes.  Recently, I had hit a recipe-wall.  I was making the same things, which was fine, but my love for cooking was going downhill quick.  Coincidentally enough, Lean and Lovely came with bonus recipe books for $19.95, as an add-on item.  I 100% jumped at that offer immediately.  With that came some superb new recipes that made for some Sunday evening meal prep joy.  And now that it is Tuesday, I can tell you that my lunchtime has been double the fun this week.  No more Subway 6 inch subs or Quest bars as my lunch!

6.  Have a no-plans weekend.  Nothing can recharge my batteries more than having absolutely NOTHING planned for my weekend.  The world is my oyster, I can do what I want, when I want.  No cramming in chores with activities, or being out of town all weekend (only to plop my suitcase on the floor Sunday night and rummage through it on Monday morning for my makeup, hair straightener, etc).  Movie night with popcorn?  Afternoon at the pool? Hit the gym with my Matt?  Grab a nice dinner if we feel like it?  Yes, please.  

And there we have it folks.  In 7 days, literally all of the above came into play.  I’m floating on a cloud right now, enjoying this ride — for the aforementioned will become routine and then a new time to change things up will arrive.  But that’s the fun in life — change things up, create new habits, evolve…….and be happy!   



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