What Do You Do To Manage Stress? (here are mine)

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

I hope you had a productive, relaxing and healthy week! My week has been a weird kind of stress; actually my life has this weird stress hovering over me. I’m in the middle of a big transition, as I have accepted an offer to start a new job in the beginning of August. With this, I am stepping away from 12 years of experience in one thing and starting something brand new. Needless to say, I feel a bit in limbo, which causes me anxiety. For someone that likes to control everything that is possible to control……I’m struggling right now.

What is a gal or guy to do when they are so stressed or anxiety riddled? Well, I decided to center some focus on me, alleviate some “non-negotiables” that I set for myself routinely (required gym time, fasting windows), in order to get rid of this stress! This is where I found at least 5 things I could do this week to take care of my overall wellness, which is not simply “eat right” and “workout”.


6 Things To Do For Your Wellness this week:

1. Schedule a massage. Stress and anxiety can lead to your body becoming very tense, even causing headaches and other minor issues. If you workout, lift weights, sit during the day at work, are stressed out……a massage is a key wellness option for you.

2. Rest. This may mean to skip a workout (gasp) and going to bed on time or even early. I didn’t stress executing a certain workout on all of the days I intended to. I LISTENED TO MY BODY. Which goes both ways, on the flip side, this morning I woke up early and felt great, so I went to the gym rather than just taking a walk.

3. Drink water & decrease caffeine intake. Look, I love caffeine and it has a lot of good benefits. However, it can increase heart rate, which is not good when you may have an acute high blood pressure during a stressful time. I mindfully chose to drink primarily water and decaf coffee or tea during my days of anxiety.

4. Organize something, anything. No matter if I’m stressed or not stressed, I like to have some sense of productivity accomplished or be in a environment where it is clean, de-cluttered and peaceful. Therefore, I made an extra effort to knock a bunch of stuff off my work “To Do List” yesterday and carried that momentum home with me — and swept my kitchen floor, changed the cat litter and put dishes away. After that, I felt totally at ease and ready to watch a favorite TV program to wrap up my day.

5. Do something that guaranteed, always makes you happy. For me, I will be going shopping tomorrow (with Matt, which he hates but I’m glad he’ll be with me). Then in the evening, we will make popcorn and watch a movie. These are things that can’t go wrong and always bring me a sense of peace and happiness.

6. YogaI didn’t 100% delve into this, but I did do some of the VERY FEW yoga combinations that I know along with my foam rolling at night. I’m considering going to a class or ordering a DVD for my home stretching sessions.

Stress and anxiety is real and it can affect your overall health if you don’t learn how to manage it. I’ve gone from an intense, emotional stressball to my normal self in just a matter of a few days.

If you have anything else to add to this list, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a Stress-Free Weekend!


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