Make A List, You’ll Feel Better


I’ve been quiet and that is because I was recently on vacation. I arrived back on Wednesday evening, which is actually nice. It hurls me back into reality on a Thursday, not a Monday. Much easier for me to cope that way. But that may just be me.

Anyhow, I was reflecting on my vacation in regards to fitness and nutrition. I had some poor decisions but I also had some decent ones. I also noted that many who are dedicated to their health and wellness, tend to practice perfectionism, along with regret, guilt and self-negativity. This is not ideal and we all should try to minimize these practices.

Nonetheless, I was practicing self-negativity and regret. I’m usually pretty good about not doing this, but that’s typically after one or two days of missing a workout or eating poorly. This was several days of family activities, visits, snack binges and weird sleep. I was bogged down and in a haze of sloth.

THEN. I thought, well, I’m being hard on myself. I didn’t just rot away on my days off. I DID go buy a guest pass at the local gym one day. I DID fast like I normally do everyday. I DID take a morning walk. So the next step was for me to make a list. Yes, a list — a list of Pros and Cons in regards to fitness, for each day I was away. In all reality, I had 14 PROS and 10 CONS. The cons were almost exclusively over-snacking. Two over-snacking days would have been fine, but I had four. Nothing I can’t fix next time I go away.

My pros were my daily fasts from bedtime through lunch, as well as actually going to the local gym one of the days. This was all bottled up into a 1200+ mile road trip, packed full of planned activities and family visits.

Last example on this list thing…a couple weeks ago, I had my first nutritional “binge” in a while. As I wallowed on the couch after it was over, I kept thinking about how I likely ate 5000 calories throughout the day. And I’m not a calorie counter, so to speak — I am mindful of calories throughout the day, however. Anyways, I was mad at myself, avoiding calculating my caloric intake for the day. But low and behold, I decided to list it out. At the end of my list, I took in around 2100 – 2300 calories for the day. It wasn’t ridiculously out of hand. More than I needed, but not out of hand. The list of foods I ate with the calories actually made me relax; I felt better.

So my friends, the next time you really are feeling bad about some of your choices or just simply need to get organized……..go to “The List” technique. It’s simple, old-school and can be helpful in managing your “perfectionist” desires.

“Nobody is perfect.” This is a phrase no one has yet to be able to duel with and win. I accept that and hope that you do too.

Enjoy your weekend! (and make a list — even a grocery list).


4 thoughts on “Make A List, You’ll Feel Better

  1. I attempted to make a really healthy veggie smoothie for dinner, and failed horribly. It spilled everywhere and what was left tasted disgusting. In frustration I pulled out a can of tomato soup and made a grilled cheese sandwich (one of my favorite comfort meals). Now, sitting on my bed, I feel disgusting, knowing that I went to the grocery store today and filled my fridge and pantry with good things, but I made a horrible choice. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. Tomorrow I am going to start my day with a list. Thanks Melissa!

    1. So glad my blog could help! Thanks for sharing your experience and know that a grilled cheese wasn’t so bad. Today you have a clean slate to make new choices. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sometimes it nice to have a break from the norm and treat yourself, then when it’s out your system you appreciate and go back with a bit more vigour đŸ™‚

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