Married to Your Workout Program?

Hello!  I greet you with a question — are you married to your workout program?  Do you map out your week of workouts and get a little anxiety if something is going to interfere with them?  Do you feel like you’ll never make gains if you don’t stay consistent?

I mean, consistency is the key to achieving fitness results, right?  Well yes, but not exactly.  Let’s not smother the workout program marriage; let’s adapt it to a more relaxing, tolerable and happy relationship.  As a former program-obsesser, here’s my recent approach to my fitness planning:

Back story…… April, I changed regions for work.  This has caused me to sit A LOT.  Hours in the car traveling/sitting, sitting in meetings, sitting in hotel rooms.  Sitting.  It has caused such anxiety for me.  I hate it.  BUT, I wasn’t adapting my general fitness program.  I was pouting because I didn’t have my gym during the week.  Some days I would buy a guest pass at the local gym, desperately trying to not skip a workout from my strength training program.  Or I was going to the hotel fitness center, but not in the correct mind set — they didn’t have the equipment I needed, I would say.  One day I said, STOP THE MADNESS.  You just need to at LEAST move, with a general plan each time.  Push, pull, condition, fasted walks…just get something challenging and productive accomplished with body movement.

It’s been about 2-3 weeks since I’ve committed to loosening up on my strict workout program and have just been working hard during whatever workout I’m doing.  Here is a sample from the past two days:

Monday – “at home workout”:

#1: 3 Rounds with minimal rest period:

  • 8-10 push ups
  • 15 KB swings (35#)
  • 3 pull ups (iron gym pull up bar in house)

#2: 3 Rounds with minimal rest period:

  • 8x KB Offset Single Leg RDLs (35#)
  • 8x KB clean and squat (35#)
  • 2-3 pull ups

Tuesday Hotel “Movement” Day (this was impulsive, as I knew I needed to just move due to so much sitting all day):

  • Started by walking hotel property, which was a large area, great for lap.
  • On the back stretch, I saw a soft patch of grass………………………………
  • Stretched on grass, to include lunges down and back.
  • Inch worms, down and back.
  • 1x plank max out (used cell phone stopwatch to time)
  • Multiple handstand attempts
  • 5x parking lot sprints
  • Walked

Not the exact hotel parking lot, but you get the jist.Image

 As you can see, one day was more planned, the other more impulsive.  BUT today was still productive, fun, relaxing and I feel satisfied.  Tomorrow will likely be a walk in the morning and overall recovery day.  Thursday I will hit the gym, as I’ll be home.

I’m really enjoying the freedom in my workout planning and not having that anxiety with sticking to my EXACT plan.  3 weeks ago, I would have skipped both yesterday and today because I wasn’t at the gym.  Do I prefer to follow my plan as closely as possible?  Yes, of course.  But to just not workout at all in spite of not having the right equipment needed to stop.  I was using that as an excuse to be lazy.  I’m not training for any competition or event, so the most important thing to me is to be healthy and fit — however that needs to happen, I need to find a way.

If you relate to being married to your workout program, I hope this can help you relax.  I’ll have more adapted workouts to come in the future.  Stay tuned!

Good Night, All!  **Get your 8 hours tonight!**




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