Obsession vs. Habitual Focus

Good Morning, All!

Life happens.  We say that a lot.  It basically is a quick way of saying, “Deal with [it], this is how it is and figure [it] out.”

The basis of my blog is to discuss how to manage fitness and solid nutrition as “life happens”.  So as I sit here drinking my coffee, I’m creating my packing list to fly to Maine today for work.  I was in Albany, NY yesterday and Monday…I visited my family in Western PA over the weekend.  So it’s safe to say that I’m struggling to get in my workouts this week, PLUS I didn’t get to cook over the weekend.  Hello Panera Bread and Subway……..or even worse, turnpike Travel Plaza food.

Am I cranky about this?  Yes.  Of course I am.  I’m human…and an impatient and high strung human.

BUT I will NOT obsess over this.  I have seen this happen to me so many times before, where something significant is impeding on my normal routine and I have to adjust.  Now I’m trying to manage how I mentally handle these life episodes.  It’s not my best week, but I’m on my solid 14-16 hour fasts and trying to keep the calories under control, albeit they are “fast foods.”  Furthermore, the hotel has dumbbells and a bench according to the pictures, so I will be doing a modified workout.  It’s okay that I can’t do barbell hip thrusts or chin ups.  Life will go on, I will not lose all of my strength this week.

What this means to you?  And several of my fitness friends?  STOP OBSESSING.  STOP REVOLVING LIFE AROUND FITNESS AND DIET.  Fitness and diet should be a habit just as much as brushing your teeth and washing your hair.  It’s there and you naturally manage it into your schedule.  Have a “habitual focus” but don’t create anxiety disorders over this part of your life.  And on the days you go off the rails or the weeks you just say “I’m not in the mood to workout”, it’s okay!  Don’t try to do crazy things to “make up for” that birthday cake you ate (eh hem) and double your workouts because you missed some.  JUST STOP IT.  Hop back into your normal routine and enjoy the moments you ate the cake or actually relaxed at home and skipped the gym.

I feel my best and happiest when I bang out 3 strength training days, happily skip along on fasted walks 2-3 times per week and do some solid finishers in the gym; have all my meals cooked and don’t experience food-guilt.  BUT that is not how life is every week, it just isn’t possible.  So as Adele Dazeem sings (oh wait, I mean Idina Menzel), “Let It Go!”

Practice what I preach — time to foam roll, pack and get to the airport!

Have a Great Day,


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