Plateaus Part I: Workouts

Another beautiful friend of mine gave me a blog topic idea on how to break through plateaus.  I’m breaking this into a two part series, the first being Workout Plateaus, the second will be Nutrition (food) Plateaus.

This is simply how I personally have gotten through plateaus.  Nothing I’m telling you is some sort of a study or scientific experiment.  However, MANY of my ideas or strategies come from fitness professionals.  So let’s start there:

  1. Follow fitness professionals on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to their email lists.  These folks are constantly throwing out great new workout ideas, mental strategies and perspectives.  They are like your personal coaches and cheerleaders — for FREE!  I wrote a blog on some of my favorite folks to follow.  You can find that list here:
  2. NEPA – I just recently saw some of my fitness faves hash tagging #NEPA.  I was curious, so I read on.  This acronym means Non-Exercise Physical Activity.  I love this concept.  For example, my friends and I went to a Skyzone trampoline park yesterday.  We jumped for an hour straight — now that was a workout but it was so fun.  Throw your routine to the side here and there — go for a hike, bicycle ride, kayaking, ice skating or hit up a rock climbing wall, etc.  Your body is still moving and burning up energy (calories).
  3. Try Something New/Change It Up – you all know by now that I put weight training into my routine for the first time last year.  I’m talking back squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, etc.  Not just lighter dumbbells integrated into my conditioning (that is how a lot of people incorporate “weights”).  Anyhow, to stay on topic — try something totally new.  Kettlebells, TRX, take a silks class, spin class, push the sled, use the row machine and not the treadmill the next time you hit the gym.  You get it.
  4. Take a Break – sometimes you simply need to just step away.  My co-partner (Matty C Fitness) recommends starting with one week.  Re-energize yourself and rest.  That might be all it takes.  If you HAVE to do something during that week, foam roll and stretch every day or take a few walks.  But step away from that workout program you’ve been doing for a week, then jump back in.  See how you feel, as you might be surprised.

For overall health, we always say your “diet” must be sustainable in the long run — and so must your level of physical activity.  You aren’t going to do the same exercises day in and day out for the rest of your life.  Establishing a healthy mix of the aforementioned will assist in maintaining an active lifestyle for…life.

Have a great Sunday!


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    1. Sorry for my delayed response, as I’ve been traveling and sometimes my notifications get lost in the shuffle. But this is so great to hear that a break worked for you. So many people have anxiety with taking breaks. Thanks for sharing!

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