Through Grieving: Food & Fitness

Good Morning, All.

I haven’t blogged for over a week, part of that was because I just simply didn’t sit down and do it.  The other part of that is the fact that my family lost a very close friend on Sunday morning.  As a matter of fact, I received the phone call while I was at the gym.  I had just finished my chin up series; I abandoned my workout from there and went home, naturally.

The past couple of days have been hectic between just grasping the shock of the loss and also traveling.  My Sunday cooking prep didn’t happen.  However, I have attempted to make diligent decisions with my food while being on the road.  Nonetheless, it is now Wednesday and I have yet to workout.  But I do feel like I will put on my head phones and get lost in the gym this morning because I’m ready to do so now.  Sometimes a solid workout can assist with managing your emotions.

What I’m trying to convey is that I was on a really good roll being disciplined with workouts and my eating — until I received that phone call on Sunday.  As much as my mind has been so “fitness” focused, this turn of events makes me realize that I can use food and fitness to manage my emotions — but only when I was ready. I didn’t force a workout when I just didn’t have it in me.  It was more important to recognize my grief and manage that first and foremost.

Life really does “happen” — I say that a lot — my whole blog focuses on how I manage my nutrition and fitness as “life happens.”  Although this was unexpected and happened at a fitness peak for me…this is life.  It is wonderful, beautiful and glorious — and then someone is lost and a legacy must be celebrated.  All else can be put on hold.  And when you are ready to jump back into the fitness saddle, it can be quite therapeutic.

I will miss our family friend and the sympathy I have for his family and my own is beyond deep.  But he would definitely not want this to be difficult on us and I can imagine he would say, “Get it together, Tom.”  Tom was his nickname for me.  So, that I will do.  RIP.


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