Do You Have a Workout Plan?


Good Morning!

I am a confessed gym-watcher.  When I warm up or am taking breaks between sets, I stare.  In my mind, I’m not noticeably staring, but I definitely scan the area to see what everyone is doing.  I also always wonder what workout program they are working off of, goals they are trying to achieve and how they organize their fitness life.  Now yes, sometimes I am in complete amazement of some of the odd activities I see, BUT in 2014 I’m trying to be less judgmental.  At least they are there, moving their bodies and being active, right?

Nonetheless, back to the why’s of what each person is trying to accomplish at the gym or with their at-home workout programs?  What makes that same person run through the neighborhood everyday?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that every person is even sure.  Again, movement and activity is fantastic in itself.  However, I feel bad when I see people working so hard and then don’t achieve results.  I will note that many people simply workout for their mental health, as they feel great, refreshed and energetic when they get in a good session.  That’s fine too; it doesn’t always have to be about goals and plans.

If you don’t know what your “workout schedule” is for the week, it’s much like not planning your food for the day.  You likely aren’t going to get your desired results.  Do you just throw on whatever Insanity workout you feel like each day or do you have an order in which you do them?  Do you have a 2 or 3 day weight lifting schedule with conditioning in between?  Are you training for a half-marathon and have your runs mapped out for that?

Let me walk you through my past week of working out and how I adjusted it as I went, but knew what needed to be accomplished.  I have 7 days per week to fit in at least 4 workouts, 3 are full body strength training days, with at least 1 conditioning day:

  1. Monday – conditioning (24 round tabata)
  2. Tues – Inadvertent Rest Day; lost my car keys and did not find them in time to get to the gym (gasp)
  3. Wed – Strength training (1.5 goblet squats, chin up series, hip thrusts, etc)
  4. Thur – Rest Day (had some back pain, decided to just foam roll and stretch at home)
  5. Fri – Conditioning (foam roll, jump rope, 3 station ladder)
  6. Sat – Strength Training (deadlift, goblet deficit reverse lunges, eccentric chin ups, etc)
  7. Sun – Walk or Condition

Now, as you can see, I am missing one strength training day.  But that is okay, I will get it in next week.  I’m not stressing about it because “life happened” this week.  I moronically lost my keys on Tuesday, which was supposed to be a strength day.  Wednesday I tweaked my back a bit and needed to be smart and rest it (I have ongoing back issues, so I know not to push it).  BUT at least I have a plan and know how to adjust it for the week.  I’m not just winging it.

As with anything in life, knowing where you want to go and how to get there is important.  Don’t just randomly workout if you have a very specific goal for yourself.  Common goals are to lose fat, gain strength or train for some sort of endurance race.  If you have one of these goals, make sure you have a plan.

And if you need assistance with mapping out that plan, please contact Matty C Fitness:  Check him out, he’s budget friendly and can write a workout for you, no matter where you live.  There are testimonials on his site, so if you don’t take my word for it, take others’.  🙂

Anyhow, have a healthy, fit and fun weekend!


2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Workout Plan?

  1. I gaze myself but I love the outfits I see …then I look at myself and say oh heaven! I have only started out with cardio and I know I need to incorporate weights but the machines are so intimidating when I switched gyms. I need to get the nerve to go over to the desk and ask for orientation! Keep writing I love reading!

    1. Jen, as always, THANK YOU! And I understand what you mean about the gym…I made Matt spend over an hour showing me stuff when we first starting dating. It’s a bit different than riding on my bicycle trainer in my house, right? Get someone to show you around, you’ll be great!

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