Humbled at the Gym


Happy Sunday!

What do you know, I’m drinking my morning coffee (Coconut Mocha flavored and it’s amazing)…I’m enjoying the fact that I have sore abs and glutes.  It’s definitely been a while since the gym spoke to me in the language of muscle soreness.

On Christmas Eve, I went to the YMCA gym in the small town that I grew up in.  I ended up inadvertently doing Farmers Walks, carrying the bar and 45 pound plates to and from the weight room…there was no where for me to do hip thrusts in there, so had to take it all to the aerobics area.  ANYHOW.  By the time I was done doing hip thrusts, reverse lunges, TRX rows, pushups and renegade rows….I had to go sit down (hide) in the locker room.  I was completely gassed, thinking, “What happened to me?!  Why am I so out of breath and weak?!”.

Ummm.  It’s called the “I haven’t been working out syndrome.”

Furthermore, yesterday I went to the gym for my post-Christmas workout.  The first thing I did was sumo deadlift.  The warm up sets felt fine, but I maxed out pretty quick at 165#.  My PR is 205#.  Wow, did I lose some strength.  But I also hadn’t deadlifted in almost 2 months…what did I expect?

And there was a distinct moment yesterday when I wanted to revert to my childlike, frustrated persona.  You know, get all mad and temperamental because I wasn’t performing well with my lifts.  BUT.  I then had a moment of maturity.  I said to myself, “Be patient, Melissa.  You have to keep pushing, it will come back to you quick.  PATIENCE.”  After that, I just tried my best and worked hard, no matter what exercise I was doing.

If you find yourself frustrated or in the same boat as me…just be patient.  And that comes from one of the most IMPATIENT people around (me).


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