A Sloth Experiment

This is a sloth — my body will look like this soon if I don’t change my slothy ways!

Why hello there!

Yes, it’s been A WHILE.  However, this time away from my blog has been well spent on an experiment that I can only call “slothness.”  

Around some time in mid-November, I was having an internal battle with my inner fitness spirit and my inner sloth spirit.  Fitness spirit told me she was tired and stressed out trying to squeeze in workouts that weren’t fulfilling.  Sloth spirit was telling me to just let go for once, don’t work out and even eat a little bit more of what I normally wouldn’t.  Who cares, right?  Only 5 weeks of grad school left, give in to a hiatus from total wellness.  It will be relaxing, sloth spirit said.  

So, enter sloth-ville.  

I cannot lie, being a bit more lazy and not as uptight about my workout and eating “schedule” was liberating.  For about two weeks, that is.  Even that is stretching it.  I started to get antsy, I started to close my eyes when I got dressed.  I started to realize how abnormal and sluggish I felt.  Oh and CRANKY…Crankytown and Slothville intersect, let me tell you.

Moral of my story?  I’m not 50/50 fitness spirit/sloth spirit.  I’m more like 80/20.  That’s how I’m wired.  I enjoy fitness, I feel way better when I cook and eat foods of nutritional value.  I’m happy when I’m fit and on a normal routine.  That’s who I am.  

I’ll stop by Slothville for a day or so here and there, but I don’t plan on spending anymore extended vacations there.  

So two weeks and counting until I’m officially done with Graduate School.  I can’t wait to hit it hard in the gym and have even more time to cook my meals.  Look for a physique and mind transformation soon!

Have a great week, everyone!


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