This Is Why I Meal Prep


When I ran into the house yesterday, trying to change clothes, eat dinner and catch the train into NYC for class, I was never more excited to have this cheesy baked chicken breast and stew-potatoes with carrots/spinach (pictured above).  That is because I had about 20 minutes to change out from professional mindset to student mode and keep on moving.  20 minutes would not have allowed for much more than maybe a protein shake; I’d prefer the chicken and carrots…which I cooked on Sunday.

When you prepare your meals for the week, it truly does keep you on track with your nutritional needs and prevents overeating things that aren’t so great.  Trust me, I see the difference.  When I don’t have my meals prepared, I fly into the house, munch on pretzels, chocolate chips, chug out of the Diet Pepsi bottle and scurry out the door.  Again, I’d prefer the meal pictured above.

Furthermore, I always make sure I have proteins (examples being meat in chili or stew, chicken breast, pork tenderloin), vegetables (steam bag veggies in freezer, fresh and roasted in oven, salad or slaw) and a sweet treat or starches (potatoes, beans, protein powder baked goods to include cookies or almond bread).  ***I prepare a starch or sweet treat because I know I’m going to want them at some point during the week, so might as well have better options at my finger tips.  Otherwise, I’m at the bakery buying cupcakes or something ridiculous and overindulgent.

Matt recently described me as a “foodie”, and I guess I am!  I LOVE experimenting with new recipes and healthy concoctions.  Feel free to comment if you want any recipe ideas, I’m happy to share or recommend recipe books/sites.

Have a great night — and remember, prep your food for the week at some point this weekend!

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