My Fave: Fitness Bloggers

Good Friday Morning!  This morning, I thought I’d share some quick links to my favorite professional fitness bloggers.  Why is this share-worthy?  Let me give you some reasons:

  • Recipes!!!!! – the majority of my cooking derives from one of these bloggers’ recipes
  • Workouts  & New Exercises
  • They look great but have the same struggles I do (obsessed with nut butters, have a sweet tooth, sometimes don’t feel like working out, hectic schedule)…
  • Myth debunking – they research, study and are professionally trained to give us facts…and debunk fads and untruths in the fitness industry

***Also, a few of them are currently posting Thanksgiving Day recipes AND tell us it’s okay to just let go and eat what your family puts on the table.***

Here are my favorite fitness professionals that I highly recommend you following on Facebook or Twitter, as well as signing up for their emails:

  1. Girls Gone Strong: 
  2. Dani Shugart:
  3. Adam Bornstein:
  4. Nia Shanks:
  5. Angry Trainer Fitness:

There are sooooooooo many more, but these are the folks that I follow right now.  Girls Gone Strong has individual bloggers within their group, so I also follow them separately.

Please check them out.  You won’t be sorry and trust me, you will start to find yourself looking forward to the blog email notification from them.  Case in point, I KNEW Dani Shugart was posting a pumpkin brownie recipe with frosting recipe today (she sent a teaser yesterday) and couldn’t wait to see it.  Yummm! 

Check out the PROFESSIONALS who keep you educated and motivated every week!

Happy Friday!!!!!!


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