Love & Lifting

There is much to be said for having a workout partner. I prefer to have my “me time” at the gym, yes. But to have Matt there with me is a bonus.  And it is still my time, as we don’t do the same workout at all.   We warm up together, motivate one another, check on each other in between sets and just generally enjoy that we have fitness as a shared passion.

Often, I insist on taking video of Matt performing a heavy lift (I tell him it’s for his form check, but sometimes I just want them for my blog).  Anyways, yesterday, I was privileged to be able to witness his conventional deadlift PR of 370 pounds. He typically sumo deadlifts, but has been working hard on his conventional. It’s days like this that lifting together has its rewards. I was super happy for him!

Live, Laugh, Love OR Lift, Laugh, Love?

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