“Hey………………..(I hear as I walk away from the treadmill)……….HEY!…..(still not turning around)……QUADZILLA!”  I turned around.  Actually, I whipped around and looked at this guy yelling “Hey Quadzilla!” at me from his manly post on the elliptical machine.  Pretty sure my face was like this when that happened:

The ensuing conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Are you talking to me???

Guy: Yah, girl.  Man, what kind of work outs do you do to get quads like that?  Those are niiiiiiice (as he does something weird and nasty with licking his lips).  Plus, I can only wish to get my quads that big.

Me: Oh….ummmmmmmm.  Thank you, I think?

Guy: Yah, you’re welcome.  You got a man, quadzilla?

Me:  I don’t, but calling a girl quadzilla is not exactly going to get you very far with any female, I don’t think.  Good luck with that.  Have a good workout!

END SCENE.  I then went FAR away to my workout area….

The Problem With Quadzilla

I started my blog with that story (from 2010), as it became quite the joke among my friends and I that I was not only called Quadzilla, but it was this guy’s pick up line!  Wow, amazing!

However, I also wanted to tell that story because in particular, I HATED my quads.  I have shorter legs that are muscular and I happen to carry any extra weight in my lower body, which gives me a perception that I appear to be stalky looking and unattractive to men.  Granted, this particular guy must have a thing for quads, I was still mortified.  He confirmed what I had always been thinking; my quads ARE too big for my body.  They ARE fat.

(I used my picture playing volleyball to illustrate what my quad size really is…it’s bigger than some but nothing crazy that I felt warranted a “quadzilla” cat call):

Are they staring at my thighs???
Are they staring at my thighs???

HOWEVER.  My quads have made me an all-around decent athlete, helped me be a great hill climber on my mountain bike, allowed me to leap higher than most in dance class and also made a volleyball net not seem so high afterall.  I try to remember that.  Even more so, I try to remember this more recently, at the ripe, wise age of 33:


Naturally, most people (men and women alike) will see another person on the street and say, “Oh I wish I had [insert envied body part here] like her/him.”  I do it, I will always do it.  But I try to remember the above quote, as well.  Nothing is every going to make my leg bones longer.  Just not possible.  So I’m going to work with all that fabulous muscle that is attached to my shorter leg bones.  And hey, if I actually eat right, perhaps some of that extra baggage that likes to hang out there will go away.  That’s on me though.

Remember, the girl on the street who’s long, lean legs that I think I want — well, her body may not respond to carbohydrates or calories like mine does, she may carry extra weight in other areas that I don’t, she also may not have the ability to enjoy playing all of the sports I do or lifting as much weight as me.

Don’t try to be someone else or have someone else’s body.  Work with what you have and don’t sweat the rest.

I will try to practice what I’m saying in this very blog, even though it’s very hard for me — I get very insecure about my body image, but it’s a work in progress.  Next challenge — putting on the DREADED volleyball spandex for a tournament in two weeks.  You know, the ones that go from being spandex shorts to basically spandex underwear after two plays……I’ll likely make some thigh-jelly jokes, but all in good fun! (Next step, stop making the jokes).

BUT………..overall, take note that I’m not sure I’ll ever enjoy being referenced as Quadzilla, fellas.

Dedicated to my Boston friends and namely Heather Risso, who will not let me forget.  LOL.

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  1. I swear someone said the same thing to me in the gym- but about my calves. I was like “whaaaat”!?!?! Pathetic pick up line. Lol

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