What’s In Your Gym Bag?

I’m going to do my version of US Weekly’s celebrity “what’s in their bag” feature they do each week…however, I’m not a celebrity and this is my gym bag, not my purse.  Anyhow, here is what is in my gym bag:

ImageHere’s a brief overview of what I have going on in my bag today, in particular:

  • Water – for obvious reasons (hydration)
  • iPod – also somewhat obvious – music keeps me energized
  • Foam Roller (the grey-black thing at the top of the pic) – warm up
  • Lacrosse Ball – for warming up, to really dig into my glutes — the foam roller doesn’t do it for me anymore
  • Resistance Band (orange) – to assist me with my chin ups so I can do more sets/work
  • Gymboss – (small rectangular thing with a bit of pink) – for interval/conditioning training
  • Lifting Hooks – when I convential deadlift, my grip goes fast, so this helps — but I don’t use them much now that I’m doing sumo and alternating my grip
  • Workout – I have my workout written down and it helps me stay on track
  • Notebook – I used to write down the reps and weight amount (need to start that again)

Let me know if you are curious about any of the aforementioned items.  I’d be happy to hear about what’s in your gym bag (or your home gym essentials for those of you who don’t go to the gym)!

And it’s Sunday so I have to do this…..GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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