Walking Isn’t Just For Your Mama

Good Morning!  Today is going to be a great day of football, fitness and taco chili (I had to add that in).  I’m always in a good mood after a morning walk.  Primarily because it’s just great to get out there before the world gets hectic and busy, it’s a great sense of peace and time with yourself (“me time”).  In my neighborhood, the teenage boys just learned to hook up an obnoxiously loud stereo system to their bicycles, therefore I had to beat them to the streets this morning.  At least they are exercising though??  However, are there more benefits to walking than just boosting your mood?  The answer is YES.

This gorgeousness is part of my morning walk scenery

FAT LOSS, my friends.  I’ve learned that walking is proven to assist in fat loss, as most fitness experts will agree.  I’m not an expert, but I found an article from someone who is.  I’m linking you to that here: http://www.niashanks.com/2011/05/three-simple-ways-to-lose-fat/.  

When I was a teenager, I remember my Mom used to suit up in her all white Reebok walking shoes and take off with our fellow neighborhood Moms on a “walk” at around 6:00 every evening.  Because I viewed myself as such an intense athlete who could never see walking as a workout, I never respected the power of those walks.  Well Mom, if you are reading, I get it.  You were ahead of the fitness curve!  Go burn that fat, girrrrrl!

Nonetheless, walking has become a tool for me in a busy and hectic life.  Sometimes I don’t have the mental or emotional strength nor the time to go to the gym to lift or set up a cardio circuit.  But I can always go for a walk.  Walking is right outside of all our doors.  Please note though, you must walk at a decent pace and don’t take Instagram-selfie breaks or pose by every “cool” object you may see.  Crank out a good 20-30 minutes 5 days per week and then up it from there.

Now, who is going to take a morning walk tomorrow?  Have a great Sunday!

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