My Workout Mantra: Me Time

True statement.

I once ran across a blog that listed 99 reasons to workout or something of that sort.  Listed in those 99 items was something that has stuck with me ever since, which was this:

Your workout is your time with yourself, away from the world.  Don’t worry about other people or other things.  

I like this in particular because I really do enjoy my “me time”.  It’s a time to put on my favorite music, decompress, not care at all about what the other gym members think of me…because it’s my time.  I’ll do with my time, what I want.  I’m there to get stronger, healthy and focus on myself.  If you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, how can you have a good relationship with others, right?

Let me give you an example as to how this “my time” thing works well for so many reasons.  Last night, I had an extremely rewarding experience paired with what could have been a very embarrassing experience…

With my warm up, I’ve incorporated some box jumps.  So last night, I jump up on the box I usually use, making sure I don’t pull my knees to my chest to complete the jump, etc.  And I thought, “Well this is too easy.  Maybe I can do the next higher box now.”  So I drag that box out and think it shouldn’t be a problem (unwarranted self-confidence I might add).  And away I go, I swing my arms I feel my feet leave the ground and then BAM.  All of the sudden I’m straddling the box like it’s a pommel horse in a gymnastics competition.  Like when did my brain tell my nervous system to bailout mid-jump and how did I end up landing like this?  And I’m still dangling as I process my failure…and then I look up.  And then I realize that a lot of people probably saw that all go down.  Nonetheless, I thought, “Well, that was probably amusing.  I’d be amused if I were them.  But it’s my gym time right now and I don’t care about my surroundings.  Now where can I set up for deadlifts…”

I looked a bit like this after my box jump attempt.

For the rewarding part of “my time” was that I finally pulled over 200 pounds sumo deadlifting.  Now that was fun!  You think I cared about my hybrid-pommel-horse-box-jump then?  Hell no!  I pulled 205 for 2 reps and probably could have done more.  Then I moved up to a lighter band for assisted chin ups.  There was probably some white-girl fist pumping going on to the music too.  I felt strong and I left the gym happier.

I hope you all can enjoy some “me time” when you workout, as well.  May that be running, weights, walking, spinning, swimming…just be bold, don’t care and set aside that time slot for yourself.  You won’t regret it!

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