Reality Check In: Food, Fat Loss, Gym, Sleep & Sanity

Reality: Hotels & Meals

When I started this blog, one major reason was for me to share a realistic view of balancing a healthy and fit lifestyle into a super crammed schedule.  It was for me to benchmark my victories and my struggles, as well as hold me accountable.  If I’m telling you all these great “real life” tips, then I better be heeding my own advice, right?

So here I am, sitting in a Holiday Inn Express, as the Hampton Inn was booked, (my procrastination gets me sometimes).  I only knew I had to come here for work two weeks ago but didn’t make a reservation.  ANYHOW.  As you can see above, I actually cooked and packed my meals for the next two days.  Sometimes this year, I’ve ordered room service; this time I prepared.  I’m inconsistent, but I’m human.

You may note, that I’m 8 months into my full-time MBA program while I work full time. In regards to workout programs, I’m close to the one year anniversary for my first weightlifting program ever.  I stopped conditioning so much and started experimenting with Intermittent Fasting then too.  One thing I’ve managed is a much better sleeping pattern of bedtime at 11:00-11:30 pm, waking up at 7:00 am.  But overall, where am I now?  (I know you are dying to know).

I’m doing okay, actually.  Perhaps I have had some minor back injuries,  or weeks where school work prevented me from hitting the gym.  Maybe I really haven’t achieved any fat loss goals yet, if anything, I’m going up or down 5 pounds here and there.  I haven’t broken the 200# mark in any major lift.  BUT, I’m busy, damn it.  And I still manage to get to the gym 3-4 days per week.  Matt pointed this out to me the other day… pointed out that what I’m doing this year is not normal and I’m still doing great with maintaining a level of fitness.

Okay, I’ll say this once, but don’t expect me to say this publicly very often:  Matt is right.

I’ll be done with my MBA in December.  2014 will be the year of my fitness evolution…so I hope!  I won’t have a full time graduate program to be my excuse and hopefully my back will quit giving me problems.

Give yourself credit with every little food or fitness victory.  If you got off track and got back on — well done!  A lot of people don’t have the focus, discipline or ability to recover from some off-roading of their fitness goals.

Okay, off to the hotel gym I go……

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