Fit Challenge: Food On The Go


TGIF!  This Friday marks the beginning of a girls weekend, where we will be playing in a beach volleyball 4s tournament, followed by whatever debauchery we choose.  I then will continue on the road to work out of state on Monday and Tuesday.  When you do the math, that is 4 days of traveling, no kitchen and a whole lot of discipline needed with food choices.

I’m going to approach it with the best possible attitude.  I won’t get insane about my choices, but I also am not going way off the ranch.  Intermittent Fasting helps in these situations because I am not tempted by hotel breakfast bars and diners.  However, planning is still needed — and I am not taking a cooler on this trip.  Here are some of the main travel snacks I plan to stock up on:

Snacks (we love to eat in the car):

  • Beef or Pork Jerkey (big bags)
  • Raw almonds, rationed into snack bags (1/4 cup each)
  • Quest Protein bars
  • All natural popcorn
  • Protein powder and a shaker bottle – when all else fails, you mix with cold water

Meal Approach:

  • Subway 6″ or make it a salad
  • Whole Foods (or natural grocery store) hot/cold food bars
  • Chinese – STEAMED shrimp, chicken or rice with vegetables
  • Restaurants – order fish or chicken with double steamed vegetables as sides

And guess what?  I’m probably going to have some Swedish Fish, french fries or sangria somewhere in-between.  If I stick to the aforementioned for 80% of my trip’s food intake, then I’ll feel satisfied, not guilty and like I didn’t miss a beat with my diet.

Travel on, my friends.  Enjoy life and the food that comes with it — just do it within reason.  Have a great weekend!

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