Foodie Friday: Picnics & Such

Hello All!

I hope you had a FANTASTIC 4th of July!  It was hot here in New York, but what’s a little sweat when you are among friends and well, fabulous picnic foods?  Although I chose to make healthy options (that I’m sure had the most leftovers at the picnic), I certainly ate a cupcake, hamburger, coleslaw, potato salad and perhaps even ended my day with movie theater popcorn while watching This Is The End (good flick).  My personal trainer, super fit boyfriend isn’t always a good influence, as he downs a large popcorn before the movie starts!  Anyhow, here is what I whipped up for the picnic:



Corn Off The Cob, well that’s pretty self explanatory.  Although I made a batch with coconut butter and lime juice.  The other batch I just put regular, old fashioned butter on!

Citrus Couscous Salad – this had diced navel orange pieces, lemon and orange juice, kalamata olives, black olives and a load of parsley.  I made the couscous in light coconut milk instead of water.  Thought maybe it’d be more moist and flavorful.  Couscous is a crap shoot though, as it is very hard to keep from drying out.  Oh well, I had fun making it anyhow!

On a side note, I bought a Gym Boss today for interval training.  Time to up my conditioning workouts, and I love the intervals!

Keep enjoying the 4th of July celebrations — and stay tuned for a guest blog from my other half (next week) on why lifting weights is a good thing for EVERYONE.

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