Foreign Fitness?

ImageGreetings from Frankfurt, Germany!!!!!!!  So I’ve been absent for the past week, but as you can see, I kinda jet set across the sea and had to get my bearings.  I also wasn’t really working out due to chiropractic orders.  Great news, however: I’M CLEAR TO WORK OUT AGAIN.  Bad News: I’M IN EUROPE IN A HOTEL.

Looks like I’ve got a challenge before me.  Can I hammer out some fantastic and intense bodyweight/dumbbell workouts in the hotel gym (see picture above)?  Or do I say, “Hey, I did ALOT of walking today, I’m all set on working out.  I’m also facing the “cool factor” because I’m here on a graduate school trip, looking like a loser because, “No guys, I think I’m going to go workout tonight.  You all have fun at the German bar, drinking the German beer and enjoying the moment.”  Plus I’m the oldest of my small peer group.  I might as well give getting older a bad name while I’m at it.

Nonetheless, I have to keep myself sane.  So loser-ville it is for me so far — I choose to workout.  But trust me, I’m not sitting around in my hotel all evening either.  I’ve had an amazing time with my classmates and soaked in a lot of the local culture.

I’ll check back in with you all to let you know what workouts I’m doing in that gem of a fitness center.  I’m also not eating so shabby either — if they just didn’t serve potatoes with EVERY meal here, I’d be good.

Okay, friends…it’s midnight here, so Gute Nacht!

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