Careful What I Wish For




Amazing, right?  I was salivating when the lassie at the front desk showed me around and I saw the “hotel gym”.  The fact that the gym/wellness area warranted a tour should have given me a clue.  Weird that I haven’t moved a weight for 3 weeks, yet my comeback would be in a hotel gym squat rack in London.  Nothing wrong with that, so let’s do it, is what I thought!  Outside of some pauses with calculating the plates and dumbbells from kilograms to pounds, I was able to crank through the following workout:

  • A) Barbell Squat 5×5 @ 111 lbs
  • B1) DB bench press 3×10 @ 30 lbs
  • B2) DB incline row 3-12 @ 26.4 lbs
  • B3) Single Leg Hip Thrusts 3×10
  • C1) 2 hours of grass volleyball (bonus fun)

I never thought I would even be able to do the aforementioned exercises, and quite frankly, I was hating on hotel gyms.  So careful what I wish for — I had no excuse to not make some workouts happen while here in London.  But I’m more so thrilled they have such an extensive set up (even foam rollers), rather than making up another improvised bodyweight circuit.  I’ve also experienced no back pain…double thrill!

Can’t wait to get back to the U.S. tomorrow, though…back to my cute lil’ gym 1 mile from my house…hope you all are having a great week!  Cheerio!

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